100% Kauai Coffee Regular Medium Roast

100% Kauai Coffee Regular Medium Roast

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100% Medium Roast Coffee

Available in 3 sizes

  • 10 oz
  • 24 oz
  • 5 lb
4.9 out of 5

would recommend this product

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Amazing Coffe


August 22, 2018

I've been drinking kauai coffe since I visited the store in 2009. Love the family story too :) mahalo

Best coffee



July 11, 2018

This coffee is worth every cent! Smooth not acid or bitter at all. Best coffee in the USA♡♡





June 12, 2018

I drink this roast black, yum :-)

Love the coffee


June 10, 2017

Really enjoy this coffee. Very consistent.We visited the plantation while on vacation. It was great. Hope to get back someday.

best coffee ever


February 21, 2017

Best coffee ever!! We have had 5lbs delivered every month for about 5 years now. My husband is so spoiled that when we travel he complains about any other coffee. I give it as gifts at Christmas and other times and everyone loves it.

very smooth


February 19, 2017

I purchased 3 pounds while on the big island. When I got home I made a cup in my Kurig. The is the best smoothest coffee ever. I am glad that I can order on line.

new for under a year AWESOME


October 13, 2014

I've had many coffees from the Hawaiin islands and this is the closest to Kona's coffee. Great smooth, robust taste.

You'll never drink anything else...


September 4, 2014

After buying some on my vacation in Kauai, I had to order more when I ran out after a couple months. I find myself unsatisfied with any other coffee. I have to have Kauai coffee! It's so good!!

Thumbs up


May 8, 2014

This place is amazing. We toured 4 of the Hawaiin Islands and happened to stumble upon this place by chance. Very glad we stopped. Can't wait to go back some day. Amazing coffee. I dont think I can go back to drinking regular coffee now!

Best in the World!!!!


July 6, 2013

I love Kauai Coffee. If you're going to indulge in coffee, skip all others(Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Columbian) and try this once! I'm positive that you be hooked as I am. There is no substitute for coffee this excellent!

33 Questions asked on 100% Kauai Coffee Regular Medium Roast

• 02/19/2018, 0:00:00 AM I love this coffee. What kind of Bean is it.?<br /> I am referring to the 100% Kauai Reg Medium Roast.
02/23/2018, 0:00:00 AM This is our Yellow Catuai varietal which is our dominant crop
• 02/17/2018, 0:00:00 AM What kind of bean is this roast?
02/23/2018, 0:00:00 AM This is our Yellow Catuai varietal which is our dominant crop
• 05/04/2017, 0:00:00 AM Wondering the best way to store the coffee if not using it right away? my plan is to purchase 5 lbs whole beans. I am going to grind about 1 lb and store the additional 4 lbs until I am done with the first. Is it better to:<br /> 1. store in a air tight container in a dry cool place<br /> 2. store in an air tight food sealed bag in a dry cool place<br /> 3. store in an air tight food sealed bag in the freezer<br /> 4. other...
05/04/2017, 0:00:00 AM Best answer is No 1
• 03/10/2017, 0:00:00 AM Is there any guarantee how long ago the coffee was roasted before it is shipped for an online order?
03/10/2017, 0:00:00 AM To get our freshest roasted coffee, it's best to join our coffee club at the beginning of each month as the coffee is roasted for us to ship.<br /> <br /> Otherwise, some coffees are roasted more frequently than others.<br /> <br /> All of our coffees have a one year shelf life.
• 09/30/2016, 0:00:00 AM How is your coffee much more affordable than 100% Kona coffee?
Not yet Answered.