37 Questions asked on Medium Roast - 100% Hawaiian - 10 oz - 24 oz - or 5 lb Bags

• 10/29/2012, 0:00:00 AM do you have cups for keurig brewers?
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• 07/11/2012, 0:00:00 AM Where in California can I buy Kauai coffee(e.g. Zip 91360)? I have the same question for the Big Island (Kona) Hawaii. Mahalo! Ada
07/14/2012, 0:00:00 AM Here is the link to our Store locator: http://www.mzb-usa.com/kauai/itemfinder.asp On the Big Island, please try Longs, KTA and Foodland for our Pacific Blue Hula Girl Bags
• 06/03/2012, 0:00:00 AM Can I purchased whole bean Poipu Espresso Roast for shipment to Ohio. We purchased this at the Kauai Coffee Plantation in March. The number on the bag is 108589-VC. We would like either 24 oz. or 5#
06/14/2012, 0:00:00 AM You will need to go under our Kauai Estate Reserve section and you'll be able to purchase the 5lb bags under Poipu Estate. Please make sure you check all the drop down menu and make sure that it's the product you want
• 04/18/2012, 0:00:00 AM Do you offer whold beans in the Espresso ......I am interested in the 5 lb. 100% Kauai Coffee ( no blends)....Also, where can I buy the coffee in Waikiki? Ron
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• 02/09/2012, 0:00:00 AM What would be the correct grind for a Keurig coffee maker using the Ekobrew basket?
02/19/2012, 0:00:00 AM Please try either the cone/fine grind or the coarser of the espresso grind. It all depends on how you like to drink your coffee and how fast the brewer pours through the basket