Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch - 10 oz or 24 oz

Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch - 10 oz or 24 oz

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5.0 out of 5

would recommend this product

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May 31, 2015

Parents brought this back from a cruise for me. Exquisite taste. Highly recommend.



November 23, 2013

Best coffee ever. Flavor is delicious and the aroma, the best. Luckily, I can buy it at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. Also, luckily, I'll be in Kauai on vacation in February!

Amazing Flavor!!


August 15, 2013

This our favorite coffee of all time!

Amazing flavor!


April 7, 2013

We have traveled to Kauai many times over the past 15 years. This is our favorite coffee and I can't hardly buy any flavored coffee on the mainland that tastes this amazing! We order several times throughout the year hoping we never run out! Love, love, love it!!

Absolutely Fantastic


March 17, 2013

This coffee is the absolutely best coffee we've ever had. I usually do not drink coffee at all, and I will drink this stuff all day mainly for the flavor. Everyone that has tried it says it's the best coffee they've tasted.

We have only bought this coffee for the past 4 years exclusively from Kauai coffee and will continue to do so. We have yet to find anything to even come close to this.

Brought this one Home to share?


January 11, 2013

When we visited the Coffee Plantation in Kauai, I could only bring one home, so this was it!

Ordering more! Everyone Loved it now I am almost out!!

Go Visit Hawaii and try out all their Flavors and see what you bring home!!

One of my Favorites


January 7, 2013

My parents brought me some from Hawaii and I've been hooked ever since. just ran out and looked up online where to buy it. The smell is amazing and the flavor is not overpowering.

The flavor can't be beat!


December 7, 2012

We love this coffee and bring plenty back every year we go for us and as gifts!

Awesome Heavenly Aroma


November 3, 2012

This is an incredible coffee. The aroma makes me think of freshly baked cookies. I can't get enough of it!

best flavored coffee ever


October 30, 2012

My wife and I had the pleasure of spending 8 days on the beautiful island of Kauai for our 30th wedding anniversay in 2010. My wife tried the coconut coffee and got me to try it and we both loved it from the very first taste. We bought some from the Marriott Beach Club Resort in Lihue when we came home and then found out we could buy it online and always enjoy a little bit of Hawaii everyday at home. To not be able to enjoy our Kauai Coffee is just not something we can do without. If you have never tried this coffee you have no idea what you are missing but beware you will never be able to go without it again.

66 Questions asked on Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch - 10 oz or 24 oz

• 04/28/2018, 0:00:00 AM What would be the the best way to store the coffee since I have bought multiple packs.
Not yet Answered.
• 04/28/2018, 0:00:00 AM What would be the the best way to store the coffee since I have bought multiple packs.
Not yet Answered.
• 11/18/2017, 0:00:00 AM When will you have the 24 oz in stock again?
11/20/2017, 0:00:00 AM We are just waiting for the roast plant to flavor more
• 10/22/2017, 0:00:00 AM Does your coffee have any gluten, soy, or dairy products in it especially in the ingredient listed on the package stating "natural flavoring?" Thank you for your time and please have a nice day.
10/23/2017, 0:00:00 AM Our Natural flavorings contain no known allergens and doesn't include gluten, soy and dairy products.
• 10/09/2017, 0:00:00 AM I don't know how your ingredient list can be so vague but what are your artificial ingredients I'm allergic to most artificial sweeteners does it contain aspartame?
10/17/2017, 0:00:00 AM All of our flavored coffees is made with an All Natural Flavoring oil with no known allergens.<br /> <br /> Our flavors do NOT contain aspartame