Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Toasty Banana Nut Cream - 10 oz or 24 oz

Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Toasty Banana Nut Cream - 10 oz or 24 oz

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Our newest flavored coffee with a nice subtle taste of Banana and Nuts with a nice creamy finish for that long lasting flavor

Now availabe in the 10oz or 24oz bag!!


5.0 out of 5

would recommend this product

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Best coffee ever!




March 16, 2019

In March of 2018 my boyfriend and I were in Kuaui for his 30th Birthday. We toured Kauia Coffee and at the end samples the Toasty Banana Nut Cream and we were blown away. Brought some home with us. It’s the tastiest coffee we’ve ever had. Highly recommend this.

Good coffee to start your day.



Lehighton, Pa.

March 10, 2019

Kauai's flavored coffees are very good they have a nice light fresh flavor. I brought the Toasty Banana Nut Cream online because the Shop Rite supermarket by me does not sell the flavored coffees just the regular Dark roast coffee which I buy.

Mmmm Banana coffee




February 22, 2019

I don’t like coffee....until I stopped at Kauai Coffee Plantation and tried this delicious coffee. Mocha coffee? Try with this banana coffee......yes, it’s great!

Perfect on a snowy morning!



Buffalo, MN

February 22, 2019

Sitting with a fresh cup, watching the snow coming down and day dreaming of Kauai. The smell ... the taste.... puts a smile on my face and takes me back to my favorite island. The perfect way to start my day!

Another great flavor!


Love Hawaii!


December 30, 2018

I am completely hooked on Coconut Carmel Crunch, but after reading several 5 cup reviews I thought I would try the Toasty Banana Nut Cream. I am so glad I did. It is super amazing! Just as flavorful and smooth as expected. I am in love with Kauai Coffee!




December 4, 2018

We visited over spring break in 2018. My husband and oldest aren’t coffee drinkers. However feel in love with this flavor. Guess what they are getting for Christmas.

My saving grace



West Columbia, South Carolina

November 27, 2018

Almost 6 years ago on our Kauai honeymoon we went on a tour and fell in love with the coffee. I have continued to try and always have our favorite flavor in the house for my special treat. I can now find some of the Kauai coffee in SC but never the banana flavored. I never thought I would like a flavored coffee bc I’m a coffee snob but somehow this is perfect - not over the top and is perfectly flavored and still has the wonderful Kauai coffee smoothness! It is my saving grace!

Love that aroma!


Big Hike

Houlton, WI

November 27, 2018

Not much of a flavored coffee person but that Banana Nut Cream is so delicious and makes for a special treat! Plus it reminds me of every time my wife and I are in Kauai we would stop by the plantation for an enjoyable afternoon. Aloha!

Absolutely delicious




November 20, 2018

Since seeing banana flavored coffee a couple years ago I've been on a mission to find a good one. This is the first one that had both the richness of a really good bean and actually has the subtle taste of bananas. The Coconut Caramel Crunch is phenomenal so I figured the banana might be good and now my two year search is over. It's great plain and it's also great with sweetener and cream as a dessert coffee.

Great Iced Coffee




October 7, 2018

I am so picky about flavored coffees because most aren't strong enough. It seems that most flavored coffees are more of a light roast so they taste like week flavored coffee. This Banana Nut Cream is stronger and yet the light banana flavor comes out. It's especially great made slightly strong for iced coffee. The unique flavors come out more. I swear they should market this flavor to Starbucks in a concentrated, darker form for banana nut lattes! Or, brew it 2x strong, add a half banana and add milk for a banana nut coffee milk shake in the summer.

6 Questions asked on Kauai Coffee 100% Hawaiian Toasty Banana Nut Cream - 10 oz or 24 oz

• 02/13/2018, 0:00:00 AM Is this made with any artificial flavors? Is the coffee truly 100% from Hawaii? Thanks!
02/15/2018, 0:00:00 AM All of our coffees that we ship from Kauai is 100% Kauai Hawaiian Coffees and all of our flavored coffees contain no artificial flavorings but an All Natural Flavors with no known allergens
• 09/20/2017, 0:00:00 AM Are your coffees whole bean or ground when they are shipped?
09/20/2017, 0:00:00 AM All of our flavored coffees are only sold in the ground form. Other coffees, depending on the variety can be purchased in whole bean or ground.
• 07/17/2015, 0:00:00 AM Do you use any other type of nut other than macadamia nuts? I like to share my coffee with friends and some have nut allergies. Thank you!
07/17/2015, 0:00:00 AM We use All Natural Flavored essential oils of which it doesn't contain any "nut" extracts etc.<br /> <br /> All flavored coffees are allergen free!
• 01/01/2014, 0:00:00 AM Is this ground ( banana nut cream )&hellip;.is there a tax on your coffee&hellip;is shipping free after several ordered? Never bought on line..I have bought several bags of coffee when I visited your island. how many days does it take to come
Not yet Answered.
• 07/11/2012, 0:00:00 AM Do the flavored ground coffees come in decafinated?<br /> <br /> I am a coffee club member and would like to know what my discount is for ordering coffees, besides the coffee club monthly coffee.<br /> <br /> Thank you.
07/14/2012, 0:00:00 AM We only have 2 flavored coffees in Decaf. Our Hawaiian Coconut Caramel Crunch and Vanilla Macadamia Nut.<br /> <br /> Club members currently receive a 15% discount on all purchases outside of club memberships and shipments.
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