29 Questions asked on Vanilla Macadamia Nut - 100% Hawaiian - Ground - 10 oz or 24 oz

• 11/26/2009, 0:00:00 AM Brought back some vanilla macadamia when I was over there and really enjoyed it. Was wondering about the price of a 24 oz bag and what it costs to ship both the 7 oz and 24 oz bags. I live in Denver, Colorado
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Mike • 07/17/2021, 8:39:53 AM Is there any use of real nuts in this (or any other flavors)? I am severely allergic to nuts.
07/19/2021, 12:46:41 PM We use Natural flavored oils to flavor our coffees. No actually nuts are used. Flavored oils contain no known allergens
Renee • 01/19/2022, 8:29:02 PM I am confused with the description. I purchased this coffee at my local retailer and it says 10% Hawaiian coffee on the package. But your description and packaging shows 100% Hawaiian coffee. Same exact packaging and graphics. Is this 100% Hawaiian coffee or 10coffee? Hawaiian grown coffee with the balance of 90% being other countries coffee?
01/19/2022, 9:15:08 PM Only coffees coming from Kauai is made with 100% Kauai Hawaiian Coffees. Those purchased locally will say 100% Arabica and contains 10% Kauai Hawaiian Coffees. The packaging color does look the same but the placement of the Hula Girl logo is different and the labels are different. Our labels have our triple certifications now on them.
Jerome Eisenberg Lee • 04/12/2022, 9:42:58 PM Is this coffee offered as whole bean or grinded?
04/12/2022, 11:01:58 PM Our flavored coffees are only sold in the ground format