27 Questions asked on Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain

• 05/26/2012, 0:00:00 AM I joined the coffee club while there in April. Was wondering how I take the 15% off of online coffee orders.
Not yet Answered.
• 10/23/2011, 0:00:00 AM I am a memeber of the club and would like my once a month selection switched to this, can you do that?
10/25/2011, 0:00:00 AM Aloha David - Your account has been updated to ship just the Kauai Blue Mountain until further notice. Because it wasn't specified originally, did you need the coffee in whole bean or ground?
• 07/13/2011, 0:00:00 AM We get auto ship already and LOVE your coffee. We are coming to Kauai again next year and I am wondering if we could purchase a 5lb bag of the Blue Mountain or should we pre-order and then pick it up when we come.
07/13/2011, 0:00:00 AM It would be best to pre-order as our 5lb bags of Kauai Blue Mountain is not readily available. About a month or so before your scheduled trip, please let us know so we can place this order with our roast plant and have it waiting for you to pick up at our Visitor Center. Should you have any questions,please give us a call at 1-800-545-8605 ext 1
• 02/01/2011, 0:00:00 AM I was wondering if it is possible to buy the green Kauai Blue Mountain beans. We did buy some of the green Kauai Extra Prime beans when we were there last weekend but would prefer the Blue Mountain. We also did buy some of the roasted Blue Mountain beans but would prefer to roast our own. If possible what would the price be and what about shipping? Thanks
02/25/2011, 0:00:00 AM Sorry, at the present time, we have no plans to offer the Kauai Blue Mountain in the green bean form
• 01/20/2011, 0:00:00 AM Is the Kauai Blue Mountain available anytime of the year?
01/20/2011, 0:00:00 AM The regular Kauai Blue Mountain coffee is normally available the whole year. It's the varietal Peaberries that are seasonal. Coffees under this category would the Kauai Blue Mountain Peaberry, Mundo Novo Peaberry, Typica Peaberry and Red Catuai Peaberry