27 Questions asked on Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain

Sam B. • 01/03/2022, 5:20:08 PM Hello, are you able to give any information on the washing process and varietals in this coffee? I am trying to learn more about coffee production and would love more detail to better appreciate the roasting process (without revealing any secret recipes, of course). Thank you!
01/10/2022, 4:47:22 PM This is the info printed on our bags: Sun Dried is sometimes called Natural Coffee. Sun Dried is the oldest and most natural method to process coffee cherries. After the harvest, the entire cherry is cleaned then exposed to direct sunlight here at the estate for several weeks and allowed to dry naturally
Jim Murphey • 03/25/2022, 12:21:34 PM Will The Blue Mountain be available in k-cup pods?
03/25/2022, 2:29:47 PM Sorry, at this time, there are no plans to produce the Kauai Blue Mountain in pods