27 Questions asked on Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain

• 05/29/2014, 0:00:00 AM Do you ship to Australia and if so, how much would the freight cost be? I live in North Queensland
05/30/2014, 0:00:00 AM Yes, Kauai Coffee ships worldwide. You can put your items into the shopping cart and it will calculate your shipping based on weight to your destination
• 01/28/2014, 0:00:00 AM Will the Blue Mountain be available for purchase in the 5 lb. bag for 2014?
02/23/2014, 0:00:00 AM Yes!! We should have the Kauai Blue Mountain available in the 5lb bags soon.
• 07/11/2013, 0:00:00 AM I would like to order some of your coffees. do you accept US postal Money Orders for payment? thanks. george
07/11/2013, 0:00:00 AM Aloha - Yes, we do accept Money Orders for payment. It would be best to contact us prior to you sending payment to make sure that the total amount is correct
• 04/09/2013, 0:00:00 AM Do you have Kauai Blue Mountain coffee medium roast?
04/09/2013, 0:00:00 AM Sorry, our Kauai Blue Mountain is a dark roast but not roasted really dark where it's oily. Our roastmaster has found that this coffee needs to be roasted darker than a medium roast to bring out the nuances of this particular variety.
• 04/03/2013, 0:00:00 AM What's the best way to store Kauai Blue Mountain estate roasted? Buy ground or whole bean. Which lasts longer. Thank You
04/03/2013, 0:00:00 AM Whole beans do last longer as you grind when you need it. The best way to store any coffee is in an airtight container, on your countertop or cupboard, away from sunlight. Please remember that moisture is coffee's number one enemy...