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• 06/27/2013, 0:00:00 AM Greetings,<br /> Some months ago I purchased a Kauai Coffee Company 100% Hawaiian coffee titled " Bold Single Estate" with the undernote "ground dark roast". <br /> Could you please suggest the coffee I should order to come closest to this ? <br /> On my last bag of this wondrous stuff and cannot stand the thought of not having it any more. Thanks for your time.<br /> Best<br /> Lucy Zahnd
07/06/2013, 0:00:00 AM Please use this link to find a store near you that carries our Pacific Blue Hula Girl bag in the dark roast. This would be the closest to this coffee that you purchased.<br /> <br /> http://www.kauaicoffee.com/store-locator/
• 01/01/2013, 0:00:00 AM Is the Kalaheo available in whole bean espresso?
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• 12/04/2012, 0:00:00 AM Hi there,<br /> <br /> We visited your company 4 years ago and bought and tasted your wonderful coffee. Please let us know if you would ship your marvelous coffee's also to Germany?<br /> <br /> Best regards<br /> <br /> Uwe
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