Kauai Coffee ER Red Catuai

Kauai Coffee ER Red Catuai

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Back by popular demand...

A mild to medium bodied coffee, touched by a smooth, sweet finish with a hint of cardamom

Available in the 24oz bag but for a limited time, available in the 10oz bag

5.0 out of 5

would recommend this product

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Our Favorite Brew


May 12, 2013

My husband and I love this coffee. It is far and away our favorite. Mellow and tasty, it's just perfect on weekend mornings. I was very glad to find Kauai Coffee on line after we visited there, many years ago now.



January 28, 2013

Best coffee I've ever made. Not sure that I've had better made by anyone else either

I'll never forget you Red Catuai


April 30, 2010

We visited this Coffee Plantation while on our honeymoon 3 years ago. It is a fond memory. The coffee was delish! We bought plenty to give to relatives but when I got home I got stingy and kept most for myself! This was stands out the most in my memories. I am going to purchase it for an anniversary gift!XO

Best coffee I've ever had


April 20, 2010

I tasted a cup of this while visiting for a walking tour, and totally fell in love. I bought a bag to bring home, and 2 weeks later wished that I'd bought 2! Whenever I drink a different coffee, I judge compared to the standard set by this one.

Rich, full bodied


April 1, 2010

I order Kauai coffee every year just before Christmas and ordered Red Catuai this past order. Wonderful coffee with a robust taste that's never bitter. We like our coffee strong and this one holds up very well. We also liked the Yellow Catuai but it doesn't seem to be available for the last couple of years.

3 Questions asked on Kauai Coffee ER Red Catuai

• 11/27/2017, 0:00:00 AM I would like to order this selection in the whole bean and grind fresh at home. Can you help. <br /> <br /> Former Coffee Club member<br /> Douglas Truesdale
11/30/2017, 0:00:00 AM Our Red Catuai is readily sold in the whole bean format. We are currently out of the 10oz bags but always have the 24oz sizes available
• 07/07/2014, 0:00:00 AM I have recently purchased a semi automatic espresso maker and it takes NON oily types of coffee. Are your Medium Roasted beans non oily? I hope so I love your coffee.
Not yet Answered.
• 03/13/2014, 0:00:00 AM Several years ago I purchased yellow catuai coffee while on a visit to Kauai. I have not seen it listed in quite sometime. Is this coffee ever going to be available again as it was my absolute favorite. If no longer available, what would be the closest coffee in taste to this one?
03/16/2014, 0:00:00 AM Our Yellow Catuai coffee can now be purchased under our Roastmaster's Choice Kope 'Olenalena name.<br /> <br /> Same coffee, just underwent a name change!