Kauai Coffee Mundo Novo Peaberry

Kauai Coffee Mundo Novo Peaberry


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Sweet finish with a medium body

5.0 out of 5

would recommend this product

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Excellent Flavor



Green Bay, Wi

December 11, 2019

Excellent flavor in this coffee. So very pleased that I ordered it!

Awesome coffee


December 5, 2017

Best coffee I have ever had. Been drinking it now for years. Consistently great.
From Mike in Denver 12/4/2017

A wonderful Bean!


January 26, 2016

Second to Blue Mountain Peaberry, the Mundo Nova & Poipu Peaberry beans are our favorite. Love the smoothness and flavoe of this particular bean!

I Second that Best EVER!


June 25, 2012

I agree with Karen, I too consider myself a coffee afficionado and after tasting a dozen or so different coffees at the Visitor Center, I selected the Peaberry Mundo Novo Dark Estate Reserve. I thought it would be even better prepared in my Espresso maker, but I have loved the traditional brew so much, that I have not tried it as an Espresso! (yet). Sadly, I only bought 1 bag and the 5lb. is already sold out......K A R E N???
This beats any of the Kona varieties I brought back. Love it!!!

The Best EVER!


February 18, 2012

I consider myself somewhat of a coffee snob. I had a cup of Mundo Novo Dark Estate Reserve at the Visitor Center during a recent trip to Kauai. This was the best cup of coffee I have EVER had. Smooth, rich, and delicious. It's everything they say it is, and more! Bought a couple of bags to bring home to CT. Mmmmm!!!



August 16, 2009

I love this variety and was excited to see the Peaberry which is so much more flavorful. Bought 5 bags on Kauai and am ordering more!

2 Questions asked on Kauai Coffee Mundo Novo Peaberry

• 11/29/2014, 0:00:00 AM Hi there, I ordered 2 pkgs of holiday peaberry ... Is there a reason why the holiday blend is under Kauai Estate Reserve versus the Specialty Peaberry coffees? What makes these specialty ones better? Or are they all pea berry still? I'm not a coffee drinker...it's for gifts. Trying to understand if I ordered coffee that is lesser than these (to a coffee lover) and if so in what way? Thanks!
11/30/2014, 0:00:00 AM Our Holiday Blend is not a Peaberry so this is the reason it isn't found under our Specialty Peaberry. Nor is our Holiday Peaberry a Specialty Peaberry. Our Holiday Peaberry is made up of our most dominant crop and is like the Peaberry Medium or Dark roast but in a one pound bag and has a mix of both roasts.
• 05/02/2011, 0:00:00 AM What is 'Peaberry' coffee? What makes it different from other beans? How are the 'Peaberry' beans distinguished from other beans? I have some of your Chocolate Covered Peaberry Coffee Beans and the package says that these beans occur on only 4% of the coffee grown worldwide. That seems to indicate that Peaberry beans grow on the same plant as 'regular' beans. Oh, yes, am I eating the entire bean when I eat this candy? Thanks.
05/11/2011, 0:00:00 AM In a coffee cherry, there is usually two coffee beans. This is the reason why one side is flat and the other round. In the case of the Peaberry, only one bean develops within the cherry, thus it forms into a small "pea" shape. This makes up about 3-4% of our entire crop and is highly sought after. We never know if there is a peaberry or regular coffee until we harvest and pulp. As the coffee beans go through our processing, we are able to screen them out and have them separated.<br /> <br /> Yes, you would eat the entire chocolate covered coffee bean. Eat them together as opposed to eating the chocolate first then the roasted coffee bean...