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• 09/03/2015, 0:00:00 AM It is now August, are you completely out of inventory ?
09/03/2015, 0:00:00 AM As of today, Sept 3rd, we do have inventory for this shirt so not sure why it's not allowing you to purchase.
• 04/14/2015, 0:00:00 AM Is this shirt a burnout style that is somewhat see through? Also, I looked at the question regarding sizing, and what do you mean that the shirt is 16 1/2" chest to waist? Does that mean the length between the chest area to the waist? Thank you.
04/15/2015, 0:00:00 AM Yes it is somewhat see through<br /> <br /> Chest to waist meaning from your under arm to the end of the shirt it is 16 1/2" in length<br /> <br /> This shirt is currently unavailable except for one medium left
• 02/08/2015, 0:00:00 AM Hi: Can you tell me the sizing (chest, waist, length)for both the small and medium for the below women's top. I'm not sure if it runs on the small or large sizing? Thank you.<br /> <br /> Kauai Coffee Women's Hibiscus Tee
02/08/2015, 0:00:00 AM Medium shirt chest to waist is 18" and length is 26"<br /> <br /> Small shirt chest to waist is 16 1/2" and length is 26"
• 06/25/2014, 0:00:00 AM How do the sizes run in the Ladies' Hibiscus T-shirt? I wear a size 12 top and am wondering if that would be a medium or large. Thank you.
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• 06/06/2014, 0:00:00 AM Do you know the country of manufacture of these shirts and when they will be back in stock?<br /> <br /> Mahalo!
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