18 Questions asked on Coconut Caramel Crunch Flavor - 100% Premium Arabica - Single-Serve Pods

• 11/12/2015, 0:00:00 AM Can you provide the full ingredient list for the caramel crunch coffee? I cannot have sugar (or any sugar substitute) or certain additives (Whole30 diet) but would love to see if this is sweetened with only vanilla beans or something natural like dates. Thanks.
11/21/2015, 0:00:00 AM This coffee is flavored with natural or artificial oils and contain no sugar additives.
• 10/24/2015, 0:00:00 AM Please provide the list of ingredients in this coffee. I am following a very strict diet, but this coffee sounds delicious, and I want to know if I can add it to my YES list. Thanks!
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• 09/17/2015, 0:00:00 AM Will this be available at Kroger soon?
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• 07/31/2015, 0:00:00 AM I am confused about some of the details with this program and hope that you can help. I am quite the novice when it comes to coffee terminology and mixology so I need some help. 1. I couldn't find where it said what size the bags of coffee are 2. There is a place where it talks about 1 bag a month option alternating. Can you explain that to me? 3. I tried to select a 12 month plan with 2 bags, the type was ";my selection", the bean type was auto drip and I picked a hula girl poster magnet for a gift and it told me that the price was not available. 4. For the single cup servings, do you need a special machine for that? 5. What is the significance of "Swiss water"? 6. On this web page (ER Roast master's Choice) https://store.nexternal.com/kcof/kauai-coffee-er-roastmasters-choice-p459.aspx at the bottom under summary, there is a "roast level" for each type. Is there something similar that includes all of the coffee? It would also be nice to see something like this that includes pricing as well. I apologize for the long list and appreciate the help.
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• 06/13/2015, 0:00:00 AM Will these work in the new Keurig 2.0 systems?
06/14/2015, 0:00:00 AM Yes, our Single Serves will work with any K-cup compatible brewer and will work in the 2.0