7 Questions asked on Vanilla Macadamia Nut Flavor - 100% Premium Arabica - Single-Serve Pods

Michelle • 02/12/2022, 11:54:31 AM Why are the pods a mix blend?
02/17/2022, 6:24:27 PM Pods are 100% Arabica and contains 20% Kauai Hawaiian Coffees. The other 80% is made from other origin coffees
Steven Watters • 06/30/2022, 2:05:43 PM Are your flavored coffees, such a vanilla macadamia nut flavored pods, have sugar and calories included in these coffees?
07/12/2022, 9:59:17 PM There are .1% sugar and 305.5 calories for 100g of flavor oil that we use. Since we flavor a whole batch at a time, the amount of sugars and calories will be very minimum. It's whatever you add to the coffee that will determine the amount of sugars and calories that you'll be consuming
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