13 Questions asked on Nā Pali Coast - Dark Roast - 100% Premium Arabica - Single-Serve Pods

• 03/23/2014, 0:00:00 AM Are there any single serve offerings that are 100% Kauai coffee? Why are they all blends? Thanks. David
03/23/2014, 0:00:00 AM Aloha David - Sorry, in order to be price competitive in the market, we were not able to do a 100% Kauai Coffee Single Serves. Our Single Serves however is made of 25% Kauai Coffee and the other 75% of other Arabica coffee blends. Kauai Coffee Company LLC
Al • 10/07/2021, 11:09:57 AM If Napali Coast is only 20% Hawaiian harvested beans, where does the remaining 80% come from?
10/07/2021, 3:26:36 PM From other origin Arabica coffees. Could come from Brazil, Costa Rica etc
Akele • 11/27/2021, 10:49:57 PM 20% is Hawaiian coffee, where does the other 80% come from?
12/01/2021, 6:53:51 PM Other origin Arabica coffees. Sorry, don't know the exact countries it comes from.