Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain

Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain

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Kauai Blue Mountain - Dark Roast

A unique, well-balanced coffee with a malty flavor and fruity notes.  The ultimate expression of Island coffee - smooth, mild, and subtle with a pleasantly bright aftertaste.


5.0 out of 5

would recommend this product

Write a Review

Best coffee you can buy for the price.



Portsmouth, New Hampshire

October 1, 2019

This is as smooth, rich, and full bodied as gourmet coffee gets. It's as good as Jamaican Blue Mountain (Which is the finest coffee in the world), but grown in Kauai. Let's put it this way- Every expert knows that the two best coffees in the world (in order are 1) Jamacian Blue Mountain, and 2) Kona coffee from Hawaii. This combines the two of them. You get Blue Mountain beans, but grown in the amazing Hawaiian climate and soil, like Kona is. I've been getting a bag of this every month in the mail for the last two years, and I've never regretted it. Think of it this way. If you go to your local coffee shop, you are now paying $3 for a decent cup of coffee. If you buy a bag of this, you get to enjoy 15-20 POTS of AMAZING Coffee, which comes to about $1.25 or less A POT (not a cup)! Can't beat it.

Love the coffee



Valley Lee, MD

September 29, 2019

The best coffee I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to actually go to actually go to the visitors center at Kauai Coffee and Test all of their coffees. The Blue Mountain stood out. I brought some back with me and now I purchase it on a regular basis.

blue mountain



Reno NV

July 23, 2019

supper coffee - great support staff

Smooth n Buttery




July 5, 2019

Best prepared in an aero press for maximum effect!





June 17, 2019

I brought back packages of Kauai Estate Reserve Blue Mountain coffees - and everyone has told me how smooth and rich the taste is ... even had a taste test with coffee ground here in Seattle. Guess who won???

My fav coffee




June 16, 2019

Great coffee, great service

If you like coffee what are you waiting for




June 16, 2019

Blue Mountain. Coffee with a great aroma. Very smooth with subtle sweet, a present taste with a smooth after taste. No additives required.

Enjoyed my coffee


Aggie Ko

(COLD) Illinois.

May 20, 2019

Great coffee !! Of the 2 that I bought, this is my favorite ♡ I would order it again, thanx Kauai Coffee gang ☆☆☆☆☆

Love dat coffee


Hey you

Boulder, Co.

March 30, 2019

Fantastic flavor, rich, bold, add what ever adjectives you can think of to describe this coffee! It's like a wave of flavor from paradise. To be honest I haven't had a bad cup of coffee from the Kauai estate.

Kauai Blue Mountain




March 16, 2019

Superb is the only word for it.

24 Questions asked on Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain

• 11/15/2017, 0:00:00 AM Why can't I order whole bean in the 5lb like I always have before
11/18/2017, 0:00:00 AM If you can't make a selection that means we're sold out. However, we do have this coffee so please place your order
• 09/11/2017, 0:00:00 AM The decaff never says what roast it is. Like dark medium, just says swiss water.<br /> Would like to have that info on the bag.<br /> Love dark roast. Bought the coffee at Costco and used their grinder. Appears medium roast. It is good but not to Ono.<br /> Mahalo
09/18/2017, 0:00:00 AM Your concern has been brought to our roaster's attention. Most of our decafs are normally done to a medium roast
• 08/05/2017, 0:00:00 AM Are the Estate coffee's 100% Hawaiian coffee?
08/11/2017, 0:00:00 AM All coffees that are shipped from the island of Kauai is 100% Kauai Hawaiian Coffees!
• 07/25/2016, 0:00:00 AM How many tablespoons of coffee should I use for 10 cups of coffee?
Not yet Answered.
• 06/20/2014, 0:00:00 AM I would like to know which coffee beans of yours is closest to the garden isle k cup.. Gotta love that garden isle, but way to expensive as single servings..
Not yet Answered.